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BRIMSTONE & GLORY - Wordless Music @ Celebrate Brooklyn

  • Prospect Park Bandshell (map)

Truly excited to conduct the Wordless Music Orchestra for the first time in this live film score event of Brimstone and Glory. It's part of Celebrate Brooklyn, so it's FREE and will be a really beautiful evening. 

From their website:

One of the biggest movie screens in NYC will explode with light, color, and sound during this screening and live orchestral score of BRIMSTONE & GLORY, a documentary from the creative team behind Beasts of the Southern Wild about the National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico. Once a year, the festival erupts through the city, temporarily transforming it into a blaze of sparks and flames, and in the climactic "running of the bulls," the bravest participants dance and skip amid toritos discharging fireworks, raining burning ash on everyone. Brimstone & Glory takes us on a wild and cinematic journey through the festival, focusing more on capturing the experience than explaining it. We see a crew member build a giant firework castle only to have it prematurely catch fire, watch abstract super-duper-slowmo shots of eruptions, and even spend time in an ambulance with some reckless cavorters. "Mixing sheer spectacle with human-interest threads, [the film is] a poetical, entrancing documentary." (Variety)